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Keys to Influencer Marketing with Kate True

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Keys to Influencer Marketing with Kate True

Timing is Clutch 

Programs work well when tied to a new product launch/re-launch or moments in pop culture like Super Bowl or the Oscars. The best approach is aligning campaigns with the brand ’s PR calendar to ensure there is a reason for the influencer program. For example, as influencer marketing was beginning to gain momentum, The Marketing Arm worked with   Blake Lively at a time when cupcake bakery Sprinkles was launching its first New York location. Lively created a new S’mores cupcake for the bakery and  all proceeds were donated to charity. Sprinkles ultimately raised $35,000 for   Oxfam while generating huge visibility for its new location.

Personalization and  Customization is a Must

A way for brand s to target and  connect with celebrities and  influencers is to seed influencer kits that contain hero products in a special and  meaningful way. These people receive brand  requests daily, so the package needs to stand  out above the rest. For example, 5 Gum wanted to reach teens through bold and  popular influencers they follow. The Marketing Arm identified Gigi Hadid as a perfect fit to receive the brand ’s influencer kit. She aligned with brand  criteria and  had the social influence we were looking for. Upon receiving it, not only did she tweet a picture of her kit to 150K+ followers, but The Daily Mail snapped a picture of her carrying the gift into the gym and  published it online. In total, one opportunistic seeding effort generated more than 8 million earned impressions for 5 Gum. Consumers follow celebrity trends and  having a celebrity been seen with the product provides a perceived endorsement that can increase brand  awareness amongst consumers and  impact sales.

Additional Tips:

Authenticity is Key: Ensure the brand  or product has a true connection to the influencer(s) participating in the program in order to reach consumers in a more meaningful way.

Messaging and  Communication: Keep it Simple: When brand s and  agencies reach out to influencers, it’s important they keep it short and  sweet. Talent and  influencers are inundated with brand s requests on a daily basis so keeping messaging simple and  concise helps ensure the talent can quickly understand  and  digest the rationale behind the product or program.

Relationships are Everything: Sustaining relationships with the talent and  influencers is a must. In the advertising industry, more often than not, influencers are seeking long-term, trustworthy partners, not one off requests.

When done right, the brand  is able to see a true return from the influencers who decide to participate on their own accord making the result that much more impactful. These results mean the brand  found a way to connect with the influencer in a real way that compelled them to share with their fan base.”

  Kate True is Sr. Manager, Influencer & Talent Relations, at The Marketing Arm and  has been with TMA for almost nine years.