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Know the Truth Behind the Cute

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Know the Truth Behind the Cute

Working in cause marketing, the people at TMA are passionate about a number of their own causes. Recently, staffers have collected money for Japan and  run a food drive for the unfortunate people of Joplin. But beyond giving goods and  cash to help others, sometimes we help in other ways – like lending our time and  talent to causes we care about.

About three months ago, TMA’s Trina Roffino and a group of people at The Marketing Arm volunteered to handle some pro bono work for the SPCA of Texas. The SPCA is trying to educate the public about puppy mills since it’s such a deceptive industry. What you see in pet stores, flea markets, online and  parking lots is, in most cases, not at all the reality. That cute puppy likely comes from a horrific place.

Over the last several months TMAers Leo Santos, Becky Frolker, Chase Rodriguez, Linda Snorina, Sunny Bandy, and  Trina created the “Know the Truth Behind the Cute” campaign, which launched last week and  lives in OOH, CBS Radio, online, eventually TV and many community events.

While working on the project, they saw the horrible images of neglect and  cruelty — a dog’s claws grown over his cage and  skin fused to cages that are too small. That’s the point of the campaign. All of these cute, clean, fluffy puppies you see at pet stores, sold out of cars on the side of the road, over the internet, are most likely from a puppy mill where the mother is living in cruel conditions.

Trina and  the team urge you to visit the SPCA Puppy Pledge website. There’s no donation required, just simply pledge that you’ll never buy a puppy from a puppy mill. How can you know? The site goes into more detail, but basically you should only purchase or adopt from a reputable rescue group like the SPCA, Petsmart, specific breed rescue, or from a reputable breeder that provides ethical treatment and  care for their animals. A reputable breeder doesn’t meet you in a parking lot or drop the dog off at your home. They should allow you into their home and  let you see at least one of the puppy’s parents.