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Last Week in Digital: 1.10-1.16

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Last Week in Digital: 1.10-1.16


Top Stories

  iPhone heading to Verizon
The rumors were true; this past Tuesday chief executive of Verizon Dan Mean and  Apple’s chief operating officer Tim Cook shared a stage to announce the iPhone would be coming to Verizon. The phone will be available in early February, and  prices are similar to ATT’s offerings. While there are no additional features being added to the Verizon iPhone, users on the new network will be able use their device as a wireless hotspot to tether a number of devices to it. However, the feature comes with a tradeoff; phones using CDMA networks are unable to use data and  voice at the same time. Still, the option of having an iPhone on another network is a win for consumers.

  Instagram Now Instagram Worthy
First came the check-in, then it was the photo check-in. Now, brand s from all categories ranging from Pepsi to Playboy have started used the mobile photo sharing service. While there are photosharing services such as Pics Plz, Instagram has built a quick name for itself by amassing over a million users in only a few months. The fact that brand s are flocking to the service on their bodes well for the young company.

Killer Stats

1.   Participation in real-time social media increased 20% this year.  
2.   Social gaming will generate $1 billion this year.  
3.   CityVille, Zynga’s latest game, now has over 100 million users.
4.   Foursquare users added 1 million photos to Foursquare in 3 weeks.
5.   Each iOS device has download more than 60 apps.

Cool Reads

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