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Last Week in Digital: 1.18-1.23

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Last Week in Digital: 1.18-1.23

Top Stories

  LivingSocial Grabs Spotlight with Amazon Deal
If you thought Groupon was the undisputed champion of all group deals, think again. LivingSocial’s Tuesday deal offered a $20 Amazon giftcard for $10; for the deal-conscious, ten bucks at the Internet’s largest store is a no-brainer. While it’s unclear whether LivingSocial or Amazon is losing money on the deal, the publicity that Living Social (an Amazon investment) has received is definitely of value, as is the message the company is sending to groupon.

  Starbucks Launches Mobile Payments
On Monday Starbucks made national headlines with the announcement that it would now begin accepting mobile payments at all retail locations. Now instead of pulling out cash or credit card, customers will be able to pull out their Blackberries or iPhones (a Droid app is in the works). In addition to being able to pay via phone, customers are automatically enrolled into a loyalty program where they can earn stars for free drinks. While the payment process is more like using a mobile boarding pass instead of true NFC technology, Starbucks deserves kudos for being the first Fortune 500 brand  to figuring out the process, and  also for paving the way for other retailers to follow suit.

Killer Stats

1.   Twitter could bring in $150 million in ad revenue this year.
2.   Deloitte predicts organizations will order 10 million tablets this year.
3.   Foursquare saw over 381 million check-ins and  3400% growth in 2010.
4.   iOS users download an average of 5 apps per month.