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Last Week in Digital: 1.24-1.30

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Last Week in Digital: 1.24-1.30

Top Stories

  Sony Reveals Next Generation Hand held
More was revealed on Sony’s NGP, it’s Next Generation Portable planned for release later this year. Among the features made known were a touch screen (and  rear touchpad?), an OLED display, front and  rear cameras, and  of course a better processor to allow for improved graphics. Sony also has ambitious plans beyond the hardware including, which according to the company are: a revolutionary user interface, social connectivity, location-based entertainment, converging real and  virtual, and  Playstation suite compatibility. Beyond that, who knows what else is planned for the device at the moment.

  Facebook’s Plans for 2011
Facebook CTO Brett Taylor couldn’t have made it any clearer when he announced  at the Social Apps conference what Facebook plans to focus on in 2011: mobile. Given that 1/3 of Facebook’s near 600 million users use it to access the platform (and  are twice as active as desktop users) it’s a no brainer for them. In scaling their service across locations they haven’t conquered yet (Africa) due to the lack of infrastructure needed, mobile is their best bet. Now it makes sense why   Facebook recently released a mobile app for feature phones.

  Google Serves Up Display Ads in Email
On Friday of last week, some Gmail users might have noticed something new about the layout when writing an email; display ads. While display ads are nothing new to Google, it’s difficult not to notice them on the mail provider’s minimalist page. Since the days of simple text ads are gone, users will just have to grin and  bear it.

Killer Stats

1.   Twitter now worth $4 billion
2.   Amazon sales up 40% in 2010
3.   22% of Americans used social networks for politics in 2010 campaign
4.   Visitors to fell 14% in 2010
5.   “The Social Network” nominated for 8 Academy Awards

Cool Reads

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