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Last Week in Digital: 10.11-10.17

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Last Week in Digital: 10.11-10.17


Top Stories

  Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 7 Phones
Steve Ballmer finally announced the latest iteration of Windows’ mobile operating system, Windows 7, at a news conference in New York last Monday. New features to the OS include a number of customization features, integration with social networks, and  the ability to connect a number of Microsoft services such as Xbox LIVE, Zune music, and  Office Hub. Of course Ballmer seemed excited, but whether or not the market believes the phones are convincing alternative to Apple or Android has yet to be decided.

  Facebook Introduces “Dislike” button
Well not exactly, but those of who have been clamoring for a way to “not like” something on Facebook may have found a reasonable alternative. A new Facebook upgrade to the comments plugin now allows user to vote comments up or down. Facebook has been cautious with the language regarding the update, but if a vote up equates to a like, then a vote down can’t be anything but a dislike.

  Apple Awarded Anti-Sexting Patent
Good news for all parents whose kids want iPhones; Apple was recently awarded a patent that helps prevent sending/receiving of “objectionable content”. The language of the patent describes a device in which systems, devices, and  methods are provided for enabling a user to control the content of text-based messages sent to or received from an administered device. Sounds good in theory, but will teens figure out a way around such safeguards? If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Killer Stats

  1.   The average teen sends 3,339 texts per month.
  2.   One in Five Americans make video calls.
  3.   Mobile data usage among teens has quadrupled.
  4.   Mobile barcode scanning up 700% in 2010.
  5.   eBook sales up 139% this year.

Cool Reads

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