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Last Week in Digital: 10.4-10.10

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Last Week in Digital: 10.4-10.10


Top Stories

  Facebook Announces “Groups” Feature
Last week Facebook announced a completely new version of its “Groups” product. The updated versions enables easier communication between members of a group, allows for document sharing, and  has a variety of privacy options on making content public or private. Still, there wouldn’t be a Facebook product launch without someone getting upset, and  users are already backlashing against the fact that anyone can be tagged to be part of a group, with or without their permission.

  Twitter Shakes Things Up With New Products and  Leadership
As expected, Twitter rolled out a new product to all users in the form of promoted accounts. The new feature will provide relevant suggestions based on people you and  your friends both follow. In other Twitter news current CEO Evan Williams is stepping down from his position to focus on product strategy; Dick Costolo who built Feedburner will assume the role of CEO of Twitter.

  Gap Releases Updated Logo to Much Criticism
Still doubting the power of social media? The latest Gap gaffe is a timely reminder of how times have changed. Similar to the blunder   Tropicana had last year, Gap released an “updated” logo that the public collectively disapproved of. It was only after a Gaplogo twitter account and  a   spinoff site were created that Gap decided, via Facebook, to crowdsource the logo. The real underlying question though–   has Gladwell eaten his words yet?

Killer Stats

  1.   86% of people prefer using email over Facebook for sharing content.
  2.   93% of moms will be online by 2014.
  3.   No longer a monopoly, IE is losing the browser wars.

Cool Reads

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