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Last Week in Digital: 11.1-11.7

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Last Week in Digital: 11.1-11.7

Top Stories

  Facebook Incentivizes Check-ins
After last week’s leaks that Facebook was rumored to be testing such services, Facebook announced Facebook deals. Similar to the Mayor specials/special offers on Foursquare, Facebook has opened up the places platform to allow brand s to roll out deals for Facebook users who check-in to locations using places. But even as big as Facebook is with 200 million mobile users, are most people still aware of what location-based services are?   A recent Pew Internet report on the state of location and  an   article showing users’ confusion on what “checking-in” is on Gap’s Facebook page might be evidence that location deals still need work out the kinks.

  Twitter Begins Introducing Ads to the Stream
Although it has yet to roll out an ad platform to the masses, Twitter has started to introduce promoted tweets to users of Hootsuite’s twitter client. Like previous versions of promoted tweets that only utilized search,  the new ad platform will insert relevant ads into user’s streams based on keywords. But given that relatively few people used Twitter’s search futures before, the platform bound to cause some issues among users of the platform.

  Foursquare Allows for Mayor Impeachment
It happens to everyone at some point. After checking in to your favorite place where you are unquestionably the mayor, you find some shmuck has gamed the system and  claimed your title, leaving you angry and  confused. Not anymore– a recent update to Foursquare now allows business owners to impeach Mayors that haven’t fairly earned the honor. So get back to checking-in and  reearn your title– the fair way.

Killer Stats

1.   US mobile data to exceed 1 exabyte by end of 2010.
2.   iPhone the year’s most popular platform for app developers.
3.   Consumers 18-29 care more about social issues than consumers 35+.
4.   Android only trailing Apple by 9%.
5.   Apple’s app store soars past 300,000 apps

Cool Reads

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