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Last Week in Digital: 11.20-11.26

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Last Week in Digital: 11.20-11.26

  Netflix Launches Instant Streaming Option
It’s no surprise that Netflix’s future is in delivering streaming content;   the service is seeing 46% growth year over year, and  the   streaming service’s popularity has nearly doubled in the last year. To take advantage of the lesser costs of streaming content as compared to mailing DVDs, Netflix has launched an instant streaming only option. Interestingly enough, prices for DVD plans have increased all around around the board.

  Facebook Closer to Trademarking the Word “Face”
Although they’ve been picking fights for a while with anybody that used either of the words “face” or “book” in their domain, Facebook is now one payment away from securing the trademark to the word “face”. Although the trademark granted isn’t all inclusive, it does apply to “telecommunication services, namely, providing online chat rooms and  electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among computer users.” So while the wording behind the trademark is ambiguous, you can bet Facebook will still use it to   go after the little guy.

  Yelp Announces Deals
While they were late to the party in terms of adding check-ins and  badges, Yelp’s addition of its own deals service is surely competition to other location based services. Given that most of Yelp’s traffic comes from users on the go with smartphones, a special offers service makes great sense for their platform. And with checkins growing 50% month over month, it looks like offers could be a winner in and  of itself.

Killer Stats
1.   Only 1% of adults check-in on a a daily basis.
2.   Foursquare now has 4.5 million users.
3.   95% of HHs making $75K+ use internet compared to 70% making >$70K.