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Last Week in Digital: 11.8-11.14

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Last Week in Digital: 11.8-11.14

Top Stories

  Facebook ¬†Launches Revised Messaging Service
With the purchase of last week, the internet was in a fuss about whether Facebook was set to launch an email service (or email killer, depending on who you asked). Luckily, Zuckerberg cleared the air with this morning’s announcement of a revised messages product. The new messaging product will be rolled out in the next few months and  will pool a combination of email, chat, and  SMS messages to one inbox in your Facebook account. Given that many of us already suffer from inbox overload, hopefully the new product won’t go the way of Wave.

  Fallon Releases Mobile App
If you thought Conan was the undisputed king of social media think again. Late night darling Jimmy Fallon has gone on and  released a mobile app that showcases certain bits from his show (they’ve actually made some of the ridiculous iPhone apps from the show’s segment), has clips from the show, and  allows users to participate in online contests. Is this the second coming of the second screen?

  Twitter Claims Places
In a natural extension of its places feature which allows users to show the location they are tweeting from, Twitter now allows businesses to claim places of their own. Places has been around since summer, but this is the first update to the product as of yet. Maybe Twitter plans to launch its own deals feature in response to Facebook deals? For the time being, at least businesses can claim locations that are rightfully theirs.

Killer Stats

  1. Facebook serves nearly 1/4 of all display ads.
  2. Android now 2nd in overall mobile sales worldwide.
  3. eBooks now a billion dollar market.
  4. Tumblr sees 1,540 % growth in page views.
  5. 60% of Fortune 500s now on Twitter.

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