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Last Week in Digital: 12.6-12.12

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Last Week in Digital: 12.6-12.12

Top Stories

  Google Launches eBookstore
It looks like Google’s book plans are more ambitious than attempting to scan over 130 million books, as Google launched its own eBookstore on Monday. The eBookstore will be device agnostic, working across a multitude of platforms to solve the problems in the ebook market. Much like the rest of the google tools suite, the service will be cloud based, allowing for readers to pick up exactly where they left off from any device and  offering unlimited storage capacity.

  Zuckerberg to Pledge Half His Wealth to Charity
A few months ago billionaires Warren Buffet and  Bill Gates made headlines with a joint announcement to give away the majority of their wealth to charity. Now Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is the newest (and  youngest, at 26) to publicly make   the giving pledge. What’s most interesting about the pledge is Mark has yet to actually make any money off his site yet; instead of cashing out and  making an IPO he has been more concerned with building the eminent social network. Still, with an current estimated valuation at $6.9 billion, Zuckerberg’s pledge to charity is no small number.

  Data By the Device?
As devices like tablets and  smartphones continue to replace personal computer purchases, carriers who provide data service are looking at more ways to provide their customers with data instead of a one size fits all model. At the All Things Digital mobile conference last week, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse mentioned carriers could be looking at offering one data plan across multiple devices as a possible solution. Unfortunately for everyone, it looks like the days of unlimited data plans are long gone.

Killer Stats

1.   8% of Americans use Twitter
2.   Over 45 million people play a Zynga game daily
3.   Over 250 million use Facebook connect every month
4.   Android seeing over 300,000 activations per day
5.   Foursquare passed 5 million users

Cool Reads

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  Waze, a Social Driving App, Raises $25 Million