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Last Week in Digital: 2.21-2.27

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Last Week in Digital: 2.21-2.27

Top Stories

  Threadless to Crowdsource Causes
The lauded T-shirt/design company has a new idea on which to rally customers around; causes. The eponymous product/platform will enable people to create and  design products that directly support their favorite causes. While there are a few current competitions as of right now causes is submission based; but Threadless has promised the platform will open up soon to promote any cause.

  Amazon Adds Free Streaming for Prime Customers
The world’s largest online store announced last week that all current and  new Prime subscribers will be able to stream over 5,000 movies for free. The $79 a year service, which is aimed at frequent customers, is not necessarily what first comes to mind when people think of movies or streaming content. But perhaps more importantly than the value add, the move to offer free streaming shows Amazon means business when it comes to content; Netflix and  others should take note and  prepare accordingly.

  iPad 2 Coming Soon
While most Apple announcements come shrouded in secrecy, there are a few things people have come to expect; an iPhone every year, and  now iPads. Apple has apparently begun sending out official invites to an iPad related event to be held on March 2nd, nearly a year after the initial iPad was released. It’s reasonable to expect a front facing camera, improved resolution, and  maybe an SD card slot; but   don’t expect a complete leak before the event à la the new MacBook Pro.

Killer Stats

1.   According to eMarketer, 57% of people in the US are on Facebook; 11% are on Twitter.
2.   Nearly three-quarters (72%) of companies say their digital marketing budgets are increasing this year.
3.   Foursquare almost at 7 million users.
4.   Eminem overtakes Lady Gaga in Facebook likes.
5.   9 out of 10 adults claim they misuse mobile technology.

Cool Reads

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