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Last Week in Digital: 2.6-2.13

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Last Week in Digital: 2.6-2.13

Top Stories

  AOL Absorbs Huffington Post
The last time AOL was relevant to many seemed to be in the mid 90s during the dark ages of dial up. But lately the web services company has been on a buying spree   with the purchase of Tech Crunch and , as of last week, the Huffington Post. The $315 million dollar deal is a pretty penny to pay for Ariana Huffington, who will now serve as Editor in Chief of all AOL properties. Whether or not the purchase will turn AOL into a destination for content is yet to be seen, but the purchase of another popular news site (and  the leadership behind it) should help provide some support.

  New Facebook Messaging Rolled Out
The new Facebook message system announced this past November is in the final stages of being rolled out to users. The service, which combines SMS, chat, messaging, and  email is designed to be a completely new way to communicate with others on the site (with the end goal of making you spend even more time on the social network). Expect to see a new tab and  the familiar cycle of user backlash/mass acceptance soon.

  Nokia Aband ons Symbian for Windows
It was an intense week for everyone at Nokia HQ. After an internal note saying Nokia was in big trouble leaked (with the language along the lines of  “stand ing on a burning platform in the middle of an icy sea”), Nokia CEO Stephen Elop announced that Nokia would be aband oning their Symbian platform in favor of Microsoft’s platform. Who knows whether the two will be able to impact the sales of giants Google and  Apple, but trying to swim to shore is definitely a better strategy than sinking with the ship.

Killer Stats

1.   Shopkick hits 100 million checkins.
2.   eBay expects PayPal to account for almost half its revenue this year.  
3.   74% of CMOS plan to tie social efforts to ROI this year.  
4.   95% of execs believe crowdsourcing was valuable to their CSR programs.

Cool Reads

  A Role for Gaming in Learning