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Last Week in Digital: 6.21-6.25

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Last Week in Digital: 6.21-6.25

iPhone 4 line

Top Stories

  Apple sells 1.7 million iPhone 4s in the first 3 days
This year the iPhone 4 set the stage for Apple’s most successful product launch ever, selling over 1.7 million iphones in only three days. Previous launches were much smaller and  make the iPhone 4 look like a runaway success; both the 3GS and  3G sold over one million during their respective launch weekends, and  it took the original iPhone 74 days to reach one million in sales.
  Google Voice now available to everyone in the US
Google Voice (previously Grand  Central), Google’s Voice service, finally graduated from beta version and  is now available to the public. The service provides people with multiple phone numbers one single line to reach them at, pulling together multiple lines and  mailboxes.
  Twitter now lets you automatically follow your Facebook friends
Twitter revealed a Facebook application that would let Facebook users automatically follow their Facebook friends on Twitter. While the application is still available on Facebook, a connection issue arose three days after the release– Twitter is currently working with Facebook to try and  fix the problem.
  FlickR gets a massive upgrade
FlickR received the first major UI upgrade in a long time last week. Now users can enjoy a less cluttered design, light box viewing, expand ed tagging tagging and  location features, and  bigger default photos. The much welcomed upgrade really puts the photos front and  center.
  Foursquare partners with C-SPAN
Cable Network C-SPAN has partnered with Foursquare to help inform Washington DC tourist about their nation’s past. Upon checking in to selected locations and  venues, Foursquare users will receive a educational tips about politics and  government. C-SPAN plans to roll out the program beyond Washington, including a digital traveling tour called the “C-SPAN Digital Bus” that will deliver tips to users all across the US.
  eBay Goes after Mobile Shopping
eBay recently purchased RedLaser, the barcode scanning iPhone application, and  the technology behind it from Occipital. The app is one of the most popular barcode scanning applications available, helping consumers in retail locations find better deals via mobile. Since it sold over $1.5 billion worth of goods via mobile in the last year alone, it’s clear eBay plans to utilize its newest acquisition in their properties. RedLaser, previously $1.99, is now available for free in the app store.

Killer Stats

  1.   The Average YouTube users watched over 100 online videos a month.
  2.     Foursquare now adding nearly 100k users per week.
  3.     Android selling 160k phones per day.
  4.     Facebook and  Vevo gaining numbers in the Online Video arena
  5.     Coca Cola’s promoted trend reaches 86 million in 24 hours
  6.     Flash and  Rich Media ads constitute 40% of online impressions

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