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Last Week in Digital: 6.28-7.1

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Last Week in Digital: 6.28-7.1

Top Stories

  Google Rumored to Announce Facebook Competitor
Last week, Digg CEO Kevin Rose tweeted that Google was rumored to be building a competing social networking platform to Facebook. While it’s only hearsay now, it makes sense; search can only make so much money for Google, its stock is down, and  with the release of the open graph set Facebook up to be the largest owner of private data in the world. If Google could build a decent alternative to Facebook it would be a win for everyone but Facebook. While the service remains unannounced   a post on Quora by Adam D’Angelo, Facebook exec and  founder of Quora, only served to add fuel to the rumor fire.

  Hulu launches Hulu Premium
As many expected, Hulu soft-launched Hulu Plus this week by sending invites to a number of current Hulu members. The premium service will deliver over shows from over 100 different providers in HD (720p when available), and  will work across PCs, iPads, iPhones,  and  certain Blu-ray players. Hulu Plus will also be available on the PS3 and  Xbox 360 and  on certain capable TV sets. All that’s left to see is if consumers will pay $9.95 a month for Hulu Plus.

  PayPal Announces One-Click Buying
With eBay being rather bullish on mobile commerce, it’s no surprise for PayPal to release a product like Mobile Express Checkout. The service, the mobile extension of PayPal’s Express Checkout, allows customer to simply enter their PayPal login to make mobile purchases instead of entering their credit card information, shipping address, and  billing address. While only a limited number of retailers have access now, Mobile Express Checkout will be available to all retailers in a few months.

  Facebook testing Face Recognition technology
Facebook is currently testing a new product that will allow photo tagging to be much more streamlined. Instead of having to search for friends and  tag them in every single photo, the new service will automatically detect your Facebook friend’s face and  tag your photos appropriately.

  Chase Releases Mobile Check Deposits
Score one for mobile banking– Chase’s newest iPhone app update allows Chase customers to deposit checks from wherever they are. All customers have to do to skip the teller or drive-thru is take a picture of the front and  back of the check. While the technology is nothing new, Chase is the first major bank to offer this service to its customers.

Killer Stats

  1.   Two-Thirds of Kids and  Teens age 8-18 now have mobile phones
  2.     Flash and  Rich Media ads constitute 40% of online impressions
  3.     Privacy concerns fail to slow peoples’ online activity

Cool Reads

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