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Last week in Digital: 6.7-6.11

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Last week in Digital: 6.7-6.11

Top Stories

  iPhone 4G Announced
As expected, last week Apple revealed their newest iteration of the iPhone at WWDC in San Francisco. Along with a new slimmer/squarer design, iPhone 4 has a much better screen, HD video camera, a 5 mega pixel camera and  a front-facing camera for true video chat. It will be available in stores on June 21st, the same release date as the new OS update.

  New check-in app extends benefits and  rewards to travelers
As more and  more brand s and  companies look to take advantage of location-based services for loyalty programs, Topguest looks to do that for a specific kind of consumer– travelers. Topguest incentivizes check-ins at hotels, airports, and  rental car places by giving travelers loyalty points in their preferred programs. Beyond that, Topguest rewards users for checking in to partnered locations; right now hip boutique the Stand ard is offering deals to Topguest users who check in a certain number of times.

  Foursquare testing badge rewards
Extending their rewards program past Mayor specials, Foursquare has started testing badge rewards at Internet Week in New York City. Similar to the SXSW Spin promotion during where netting all the Spin brand ed badges allowed users access to an exclusive party, badge rewards will allow for the introduction of widescale loyalty programs.

  Google announces new Google
This week Google announced the release of its new web indexing system. If that doesn’t make much sense the system, codenamed Caffeine, promises to deliver 50% “fresher” web searches than previously delivered.

Killer Stats

  1.   Over a Quarter of people aged 50 or over are now on social networks.
  2.   Twitter hits over a billion tweets per month.
  3.   Despite privacy concerns, Facebook grew in new users and  page views during the month of May.

Good Reads

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