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Last Week in Digital: 7.26-7.30

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Last Week in Digital: 7.26-7.30

Top Stories

  Amazon Makes Big Moves in Social Shopping
In a move that will likely serve better recommendations than it currently does, Amazon unveiled a feature that allows shoppers to link their Amazon and  Facebook accounts to get recommendations from friends. The service will pull up your Facebook photo and  their friend’s birthdays, along with recommendations pulled from Facebook interests and  Amazon wishlists. Just make sure you don’t publish any recent birthday gift purchases to your newsfeed.

  Facebook Adds New Product, Gets a Lot Of Questions
Facebook rolled out Questions, a new service that allows users to questions to the entire Facebook population. Similar to Yahoo Answers (but hopefully not as depressing), Facebook expand s on Yahoo’s idea by offering polling, photo pictures, tagging, and  following questions so you can see their continued updates.

  YouTube Expand s
Last week Youtube increased the maximum length of its previous video limit from ten minutes to fifteen. YouTube product manager Joshua Siegel released a statement for the change of policy, saying that creating and  improving the content ID system has made the 10 minute limit unnecessary. So now instead of ten minute cat videos, you can watch minutes.

  Yelp experimenting with group buying market
Much like Yelp hopped onto the location-based game by adding check-ins to it’s mobile app, this week Yelpers in certain locales were offered Groupon like daily deals with local retailers. Yelp can stand  to gain a lot if their daily deals gain traction; the site has a large and  fiercely loyal group of users, and  Groupon is valued at over $1 billion and  rakes inĀ over $1 million a day.

Killer Stats

  1.   Twitter hits 20 billion tweets.
  2.   Women spend 30% more time on social networks than men.
  3.   Old Spice sales double after YouTube campaign.

Cool Reads

  Strange Cargo at JFK Airport by Taryn Simon
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