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Last Week in Digital: 7.5-7.9

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Last Week in Digital: 7.5-7.9

Top Stories

  Twitter gets into e-commerce
Last week Twitter quietly announced its new foray in time-sensitive, exclusive deals vis-a-vis deal sites like Groupon Living Social. The service, which Twitter will operate under the hand le @earlybird, hopes to take advantage of the momentum that brand s like Dell have captured by using Twitter as a channel for special deals. While the service will be national to start, it could grow to be city specific, directly competing with sites like Groupon. Whether it grows or not, it will be interesting to see if retailers will take advantage of Twitter’s upcoming products like annotations.

  Foursquare launches Layers
Foursquare released a huge update to Foursquare, adding a whole new brand ing component to the service, under the name of Layers. Now users can opt-in to receive tips and  to-do’s from their favorite brand s and  content providers. While the service has already partnered with some brand s to push content to users (think C-SPAN in Washington DC), brand s that are not taking advantage of Foursquare now have incentive to sign on.

  Google releases new mobile YouTube
Google updated the mobile YouTube site last week, releasing a video that demonstrated the new features. Among highlighting new features like the ability to rate videos and  suggested searching, the video interestingly enough switches from an iPhone being used to an Android Nexus One. Clearly, Google is gunning for Apple’s users, encouraging them to switch to the updated “app” of sorts.

Killer Stats

  1.   The world has 5 billion mobile subscribers.
  2.   Study finds young women check Facebook first thing in the morning.
  3.   Posterous growing at more than 700 percent a year.
  4.   Twitter search volume up 33% since April.
  5.     57% of Android Apps are free as compared to 28% of iPhone apps.

Good Reads

  Increased Mobile Web Use and  the Digital Divide¬†by Joshua Brustein