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Last Week in Digital: 8.16-8.20

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Last Week in Digital: 8.16-8.20

Facebook Places
Top Stories

  Facebook Checks-In With Location Product
The world’s preeminent social network Facebook launched its location product, Places, to the masses last week.. Given that Facebook has 150 million mobile users, simply launching presents a big threat to services focused singularly on location. Fortunately, there’s still time for them to figure out the space; services like Foursquare (which has seen an   increase in activity since Places launched) won’t be rendered completely moot until Facebook figures out a way to reward users for check-ins.

  Mobile Users Prefer Coupons
A report by mobile media company Jiwire shows that when it comes to location, mobile users prefer coupons to check-ins. This doesn’t write off services like Foursquare completely, but is rather telling in what compels people to use location-based services. Whatever their reasons for using these services, it will be interesting to see what happens as concepts like   shopkick begin to gain traction with consumers.

  Groupon’s First National Deal an Overwhelming Success
In its first national deal with a large retailer, Groupon partnered with the Gap to sell over 441,000 groupons in one day. The total brought in over $11 million to the Gap and  Groupon, whose cut was not revealed. Whatever the case, Groupon and  Gap’s success shows consumers will jump at national deal opportunities; at one point Groupon was selling   over 534 groupons per minute.

Killer Stats

1.   Ad expenditures on social networking to rise 31% to $3.3 billion   in 2010.
2.   Virtual goods to be a $150 million dollar market by 2013.
3.   Parents more interested in receiving mobile alerts from retailers.
4.   Mobile gaming market tops $800 million in 2010.
5.   Facebook now the 3rd largest video site in the US.

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