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Last Week in Digital: 8.30-9.3

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Last Week in Digital: 8.30-9.3

Top Stories

  Facebook Testing Subscriptions
Facebook, the website that gave new meaning to the word “friending” someone, is considering implementing a feature that could change how we use the site. Subscriptions, which would allow Facebook users to follow someone vis-á-vis Twitter, are currently in beta-testing for some users. Given that it’s only a matter of time before everyone and  their Grand ma gets onboard, the feature definitely adds to the Facebook experience; we only care about a certain amount of people on any given social network, and  being able to truly track and  follow who we care about would change how we interact with the site.
Google Provides Solution to the Exploding Inbox.
In an attempt to solve the common problem of inbox overflow, Google has started beta testing a new product called priority inbox. For users that enable it, Google will separate messages into three different inboxes based on how often you correspond with someone. A value can be assigned as well, allowing you to give messages more or less importance as you see fit.

  Apple Launches New Products and  Social Network
At its annual music event Apple announced a number of product updates both expected and  unexpected. Among the usual iPod updates, Steve Jobs anounced a newer (and  cheaper) Apple TV capable of Netflix streaming. But more surprising was the announcement of Ping, Apple’s “social network” built around finding new music on iTunes. Ping will allow people to follow friends and  see their music purchases, much like Blippy or Swipely does but focusing singularly on music.

Killer Stats

  1.   Apple activating 230,000 iOS devices per day.
  2.   Social networking doubles among boomers and  seniors.
  3.   65% of adults sleep next to their cell phone.
  4.   Time spent watching live web video up 650%
  5.   Apple’s app store has over 250,000 apps for purchase.
  6.   Twitter has 145 million users and  300,000 apps.

Cool Reads

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