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Last Week in Digital: 9.6-9.10

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Last Week in Digital: 9.6-9.10

Top Stories

  Google Launches/Readies New Products
It’s hard to think you can continue to improve search; Google already did that with Caffeine   earlier this year. But last Wednesday Google did it again, this time delivering instant results while you type. Beyond search Google has shown interest in a number of other arenas– their set top box connecting the internet and  TV is set to   launch this Fall, and    rumors of a music service are making the rounds.  

  University Subjects Students to Social Media Detox
Harrisburg University Provost Eric Darr made what will undoubtedly be an unpopular decision with the student body; Darr has blocked all social websites and  applications on the school’s network for a week. Granted, students will still have access to social networks and  services via their cell phones and  other networks, but the decision is more interesting when you consider that school’s full name is Harrisburg University of Science and  Technology. Since social networking has become as routine as email, the unilateral decision seems a bit excessive.

  Apple Revises Draconian App Store Guidelines
In a move that is more Google than they would probably like to admit, last week Apple released a relaxed version of its guidelines on getting into the Apple store. The news bodes for both developers and  consumers; less restrictions mean less rejections for developers and  more apps for everyone. Well, unless you plan on developing a fart application, which Apple has deemed there are enough of already.

Killer Stats

  1.   3% of Twitter’s service are dedicated to Justin Bieber.
  2.   Google serves 1 billion customers per week.
  3.   Android impressions up 45% in the last 3 months.
  4.   Android might be top mobile OS by 2014.
  5.   App store growth shows much faster rate than iTunes.

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