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Last Week in Digital: 9:27-10.1

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Last Week in Digital: 9:27-10.1


Top Stories

  Google Launches URL Shorterner and  More
In its own attempt to get into the link shortening game, Google launched to the public last week. Google claims the shortener to be “the stablest, most secure, and  fastest URL shortener on the web.” As expected, it works seamlessly within the suite of Google products, allowing users to see a past list of links they have shortened and  traffic from those links. But perhaps the best feature is an easter egg discovered after its launch, which allows anyone to create a QR code simply by appending .qr to their link.

  Facebook Upgrades Photos
Since Facebook’s photo features were one of the main catalysts for Facebook’s early growth, they must give users a reason to host Photos on Facebook versus a true photo site a la Flickr. Facebook’s recent upgrades will keep many people happy; now users can upload pictures at a maximum of 2048 pixels, boosting the previous maximum photo size by 8x.

  Twitter Adds new Ads
As the microblogging services continues to develop products that will bring in revenue, last week Twitter released one new ad platform and  details on another. Now brand s will be able to purchase promoted accounts, in which certain accounts will be promoted to specific people. Twitter also plans to extend advertising to small businesses, in which small business will be able to place ads themselves.

Killer Stats

  1.   Tweets have a 60 minute shelf-life.
  2.     Facebook now #2 video destination site in the US.
  3.   Virtual goods to grow 40% this year.
  4.   “Like” button now on 2 million sites.
  5.   Twitter getting more traffic than MySpace.

Cool Reads

  Some Things I’ve Learned at BBH by Ben Malbon