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Last Week in Digital: 6.1-6.4

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Last Week in Digital: 6.1-6.4

Top Stories

  Pepsi launches PepsiLoot
In what is a big first for brand s, Pepsi launched Pepsi Loot this week, the first location-based rewards program of its kind. By checking into to stores that sell Pepsi products with the application, users will earn points that can be redeemed toward loot. Every three check-ins will earn users an mp3 download, and  check-ins may earn free Pepsi products with certain purchases. On a related note, Pepsi is now the official non-alcoholic beverage sponsor of Foursquare, but Pepsi does not see it’s Loot program as Foursquare competition.

  Foursquare to roll out Photo Uploads
In what is likely a move to box out competitors, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley announced that photo uploads are coming to the location-based service.

  Yelp adds Badges and  Ownership
Adding new meaning to the check-in functions it released in it’s last app update, checking-in on Yelp will now allow users to earn badges. In addition to badges, power users can now become ‘duke’ of their favorite places, ‘baron’ of their neighborhoods, and  ‘king’ (or ‘queen’) of the city.

  Twitter to release annotations
This week Twitter is going to to begin testing a version of annotations, its service that will allow app developers to append metadata to tweets.

Killer Stats

  1.   Apple sells an iPad every three seconds.
  2.     Smartphone sales expected to eclipse PC/Notebook sales in 2012
  3.     Heavy social network users spend more money online.
  4.     More than half of all Smartphone app use is devoted to Facebook and  Google Maps.
  5.     Despite major privacy concerns, traffic to Facebook went up in May.
  6.     Top Thirty internet properties in the world.

Interesting Reads

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