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Last Week in Digital:6.14-6.18

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Last Week in Digital:6.14-6.18

Top Stories

  YouTube announces contest for “most creative video”
In partnership with the Guggeinheim Foundation and  Hewlett Packard, Youtube launched YouTube Play- an interactive contest to find the world’s most creative Video. Videos will be judged solely on creativity, and  a jury will select the top 20 videos to be shown at the Guggenheim family of museums in NYC, Venice, Bilboa, and  Berlin. Out of all the other submissions, the 200 that make it through the screening will available to watch on Play’s YouTube channel.

  Twitter launches Places
This Monday Twitter rolled out places, one of its new products that was previewed at its annual chirp conference. Now, users can update their location along with their status from their browser. The update includes Foursquare and  Gowalla integration, and  will be available on smartphone apps soon.

  The Wall Street Journal extends relationship with Foursquare
Foursquare is testing new ways to add value to users online. Now readers of the online Wall Street Journal can add places to their Foursquare to do list without having to leave the Wall Street Journal’s page, similar to how Facebook’s “like” button works. ¬†While it is only available on the WSJ for now, Foursquare is surely looking to scale the service to other publishers.

  Starbucks to offer free wifi nation wide
Starting this summer, Starbucks will offer customers free wifi at all Starbucks locations across the country. Previously, customers either had to have a registered Starbucks card or be an AT&T customer to access wifi for free; otherwise they were left with the option of paying $3.99 for two hours of internet. Through partnerships with Yahoo and  AOL’s patch Starbucks will provide customers with targeted content and  news, with free content available from a variety of publishers. The service will roll out July 1st.

Killer Stats

  1.   Facebook fans who “like” a brand  spend $71.84 more on that brand  than someone who does not “like” said brand .
  2.   Android gaining market share of smartphone category over iPhone.
  3.   Blogging service finds installing Facebook “like button” increases Facebook traffic by 50%.
  4.   Apple sells 3 million iPads in 3 months.