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Last Week in Digital:7.19-7.23

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Last Week in Digital:7.19-7.23


Top Stories

  Facebook hits 500 Million Users
On Thursday ¬†seminal social networking site Facebook hit 500 million users. Over the last year has doubled in size (and  staff) with 70% of traffic coming from overseas, and  expects to pull in more than $1.1 billion this year. Currently Comscore ranks the site fourth among all websites in terms of unique visitors.

  Foursquare Enters Talks with Search Engines
Dennis Crowley has gone on the record of saying it is currently in talks with seeking deal with search giants Google, Microsoft, and  Yahoo. What’s interesting is that search results wouldn’t include public data vis-a-vis Twitter updates, but rather trending locations.

  Mobile App Downloads Predicted to Reach 25 Billion
Juniper Research, a mobile research company, predicts the mobile app to reach 25 billion downloads by 2015. This is almost a tenfold increase from the market of today, in which had 2.6 billion apps were downloaded in 2009. The challenge for developers is picking which ecosystem to inhabit; app store owners must have a create an environment of scale otherwise developers will not be incented to develop for their marketplace.

  Droid Making Gains On iPhone
Shortly after unveiling the new Droid X wireless carrier Verizon sold out of hand set preorders on the website. Coupled with the findings of a recent Millennial Media report that ad impressions served on Android have grown by a whopping 439% since January of this year, and  it looks like it could be the beginning of the end for Apple. While Apple still owns the market (when it comes to Millennial), it can’t be King forever.

Killer Stats

  1.   Netflix’s streaming service popularity has nearly doubled in the last year.
  2.   Foursquare reaches 100 million check-ins.
  3.   Paypal adding 1 million accounts per month.
  4.   Pand ora has more than doubled in the last year.

Cool Reads

  How Coca Cola Created it’s “Happiness Machine”