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Last Week in Digital:8.23-8.27

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Last Week in Digital:8.23-8.27

Top Stories

  Netflix Adds a New Platform
As promised, Netflix finally delivered its app for the iPhone and  iPod touch. The app, which is available for free to all current Netflix subscribers, allows users to stream movies and  TV shows directly to their mobile devices. The service works like a charm, except for one thing; you can’t directly manage your queue from the app.

  Google Adds Phone Calls to Email
In the same method it introduced Buzz to the masses, last week Google introduced Google Voice to everyone by rolling it out in Gmail. The service, similar to Skype but free, allows users to make voice calls over broadband . The service has already seen some modicum success, with   people making over 1 million voice calls from Gmail within 24 hours.

  Apple Planning Touch-screen Desktop and  Laptop
A recent patent filed by Apple shows that they are looking to apply touch technology to their popular desktop and  laptop line. While people do love the iPad and  the a touch screen would be great on a large screened iMac, the question is whether Apple is looking to scale the iOS platform to these lines as well.

Killer Stats

  1.   Older adults double social media presence.
  2.   Time shifting (DVR) and  streaming account for over half of TV viewing
  3.   Foursquare reaches 3 million users.
  4.   Facebook accounts for 1 out of 6 UK page views
  5.   60 Million Americans play social games.
  6.     Tumblr reaches 1 billion posts.

Cool Reads

  The New Now: How Real Time Redefines the Now by Om Malik