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Last Week in Digital:8.9-8.13

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Last Week in Digital:8.9-8.13

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Top Stories

  Facebook’s Location Product to Launch Soon
According to reporting from CNET, Facebook’s long awaited location product will be released in the coming weeks. Although Facebook tried to acquire Foursquare earlier this year, a recent acquisition of competing location startup Hot Potato reignited talks of Facebook’s plans to get into location. Instead of competing among various location-based services, the product will likely be an API that would allow for easy “liking” of venues when using said services.

  Twitter Releases Fast Follow
In a move that recalls Twitter’s humble origins as an SMS based service, Twitter unveiled Fast Follow. The service allows anyone with an SMS enabled phone to text 40404 with “follow __” to receive the account’s twitter updates as text messages. The service is a great way to get people curious about Twitter to try it; if they tire of the updates, they can simply send a text saying “off” to opt out.

  eBay Creates Rewards Program
Similar to many popular credit/debit cards cash back programs, eBay launched its own iteration of rewards program last week called eBay bucks. The program offers 2% on all purchases that use PayPal (another eBay product), but it is not without a number of restrictions.

  “Tweet” Button Released
Much like Facebook’s like button has led to an increase in traffic to/from Facebook, last week Twitter introduced their own button to complement to Facebook’s popular plugin. The Tweet button allows users to easily share content from any web page to Twitter, and  a built-in counter displays how many times the page has been tweeted.

Killer Stats

  1.   Pew Research Center finds 21% of Americans don’t use the Internet.
  2.   More than 60% of online transactions are made by females.
  3.   25 minutes of every hour on mobile internet time is spent on email.

Cool Reads

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