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Life Support: Nancy Williams

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Life Support: Nancy Williams

By Nancy Williams, Director of Business Operations (CE)


Hi, I’m Nancy. I’m what you may call a city girl. I love to be out around town, treating myself with good food and drinks. I consider drinking on a patio to be “outdoorsy.” Yes, I’m that girl.


But I decided it was time to focus on health and wellness, and my sabbatical was the perfect opportunity to do so. I knew that I had to go big, to really get out of my comfort zone to have the best experience, and I was up for the challenge.


So what did I do?


I stayed at The Lotus Feed Farm and Retreat Center, a full-fledged farm positioned on 108 acres of Sonoma coast in California. It was a five-day retreat that included two outdoor yoga classes per day, three vegetarian organic meals per day, and a consultation with a nutritionist.



And that comfort zone?  It was gone.  I didn’t know any of the twenty attendees going into the retreat. I stayed in a tent for four nights, with a roommate that I didn’t know. The morning yoga class was in a yurt with a roof and walls, otherwise we were out in the elements all day. Even the showers were outside, tree showers!



Luckily, I learned that people that go on yoga retreats are very nice and interesting people. That healthy food can be amazing, that stretching and fresh air does a body good!



Most importantly, I learned that in order to be the best support system for my work team, my friends and my family, I have to be better to MYSELF. This experience has inspired me to get out of my comfort zone, start a healthier routine and begin my journey toward becoming a happier, more refreshed version of me.



Thank you, TMA!  Namaste




Life Support sabbaticals are earned for every seven years you work at The Marketing Arm. The longer you’ve been at the agency, the more time, money and opportunities for your sabbatical. Examples of trips: Surf Lessons in Hawaii with Daughter, Australian Photography Class, London Storytelling Workshop, Build a Wordworking Shop in Backyard, Advance SCUBA Certification in Hawaii, Big Game Fishing in Martha’s Vineyard. Stay tuned for more TMA Life Support stories.