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Life Support: Scott Biggers

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Life Support: Scott Biggers

I’ve always been fascinated by surfing. Grew up around it in southern California. Loved the concept of it. But never devoted myself to the sport, preferring the simplicity of body surfing. Then moved to Dallas, where participating in wave-based activities has its challenges. So the chance to spend a week in the warm waters of Costa Rica learning to surf better was very compelling.

I enrolled at the Nosara Surf Academy for a week of instruction. I took this trip solo. As a bit of an experiment — and  to pursue a couple of other solitary passions: reading and  writing. Figured a few reports from the trip might freshen up my blog that’s as stale as last week’s open bag of Lay’s.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.02.14 AM

The daily agenda was glorious. Surfing in the morning with my professor. (OK, instructor.) Then again, on my own, in the afternoon. When I wasn’t in the water, I read, wrote, stalked howler monkeys, and  explored the nearby mountains on an ATV and  zipline (not at the same time).

My experience was instructive and  refreshing. The lessons were rich; in truth, I found many to be relevant to life off a surfboard. I returned home a better surfer, more confident, and  really sore.

Solitude. Surf. This was an incredible experience. Grateful to participate in the nature of waves – and  to sample the legendary Costa Rican pura vida. Life support, indeed.

To view Scott’s complete album, check out his   Flickr album.

  Scott Biggers is Group Concept Director at The Marketing Arm and  has been with the agency now for nine years. Life Support sabbaticals are earned for every seven years you work at TMA (Took Scott some time to decide on his.) The longer you’ve been at TMA, the more time, money and  opportunities for your sabbatical.

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