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Life Support: Stacy Hopkins

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Life Support: Stacy Hopkins

Stacy Hopkins took her TMA Life Support trip to Alaska, where she took two photography classes on her cruise and  put her new skills to the test. Check out her recap of the breathtaking trip!

I am so thankful to The Marketing Arm for giving me the opportunity to see my Life Support trip through a camera lens for a week. I was able to take a trip to the beautiful state of Alaska where I enjoyed amazing scenery and  wildlife. I learned a lot of technical techniques during my two photography classes on the trip, which have been very helpful, but I learned a lot more about the things you can’t control with photography.


It rains a lot in Alaska so knowing how to protect your equipment and  get good shots is beneficial. I wasn’t able to get the National Geographic photo of a whale fin, but being in their presence was breathtaking and  I learned to take what you can get with animals. Unplanned pictures are just as beautiful.

  whale fin

Getting up close (which can mean getting dirty) will give you the best pictures – whether it’s of people, places or things. Nature is amazing; from how rain falls on flowers to look like diamonds to glaciers that keep their shape in 70-degree climates. We took a train to Canada through the mountains and  saw bears on the trail, but couldn’t get any pictures. Sometimes it’s best to just appreciate animals in their habitat.

  flowers (3)

Hopkins Alley

We even found a street in Ketchikan bearing the Hopkins name!

The most important thing I learned on this trip was to sit back and  relax and  look through the lens. A lot of times the best pictures are those that come unplanned. Thanks TMA!

For more pictures from Stacy’s trip, head over to the   TMA Flickr page to check out more stunning images from other TMA’ers’ trips.