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LinkedIn Unveils New Features

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LinkedIn Unveils New Features

LinkedIn use is exploding, and  its 175 million users have some   updated features to play with.


Talk about the recent changes LinkedIn made to its profiles. What advantages do they bring for LinkedIn?  

The profile changes are really to better optimize the user experience and  allow users quickly glean the most relevant information about an individual with the goal to ultimately drive additional engagement on the platform. Also, the new design integrates seamlessly with the newly-deployed mobile experience. This combined with the recent efforts to revamp company pages to further foster engagement for companies has allowed LinkedIn to become a very useful asset for B2B social efforts.

Why is it that LinkedIn’s profile changes are received so differently than when Facebook introduces changes?

The primary difference is based on usage behavior and  expectations that the core audience of the platform has. Facebook is primarily about sharing news and  information with close friends and  is much more personal, almost intimate in the type of information that’s shared. LinkedIn is less about personal and  more about an individual’s professional persona.

The focus here is enabling an individual to showcase their experience and  skills from a profile perspective and  the ability to consume updates is almost segmented from the core profile experience. Due to this separation and  the more static nature of an individuals profile, changes to how data is presented is not a foundational behavioral change thus it doesn’t elicit the type of feedback Facebook may receive such as when Facebook converted to Timeline.