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Lonnie Limon at the LatinMixx Conference

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Lonnie Limon at the LatinMixx Conference

TMA’s Lonnie Limon, VP/multicultural, was a panelist at the sixth annual   LatinMixx Conference + Awards in New York. The panel — “Utilizing Your Social and  Cultural Capital” — was aimed at educating Latino DJ’s, a highly-connected group, on how to leverage their network to connect with brand s via marketers and  agencies. Panelists included   Carolyn “C.C.” Concepcion, brand  manager at Heineken, who provided a client’s perspective of what lifestyle brand s were looking for in partnerships with key influencers that hold such heavy “social and  cultural capital.” Here are some of the things Lonnie spoke to on the panel:

When a marketer looks to engage Latino millennials, they normally look to the traditional mass outlets. However, they rarely think that an outlet with 5,000 followers is significant enough. Herein lies the power of the Latino DJ. Latin DJ’s are unifiers in their communities, playing off the Hip-Hop music of their youth, the Latin music of their heritage and  the trendy sounds of everything from tribal to techno-cumbia. They play in New York, LA, Chicago, Houston…and  have now moved on to the global stage with such stars as Tony Touch, Little Louie Vega and  DJ Eddie One. While their following might number in the thousand s, these followers will buy every mix tape, follow every tweet and  attend every set when these high energy DJ’s roll through town.

Living in multiple cultural worlds, I explained that these connectors had a great opportunity to engage their audiences with unique brand  experiences that only they can deliver. Many of my peers on the panel also imparted their wisdom on how to develop strong relationships with brand s based on trusted and  positive partnerships.

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