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ITK Session Links

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ITK Session Links

About every month or so we all gather for a monthly session called In Tha’ Know. While it started as a small internal lunch and  learn meeting, In Tha’ Know eventually evolved into a lecture-of-sorts we present to our clients and  other offices. Whether you’ve been to one in our Dallas HQ or not, at an In Tha’ Know expect pizza, live music, and  a curated presentation on the haps in digital and  trends. It’s a blast to put on– the only thing more fun than planning a session is presenting one.

After every session an email is sent out with links to everything covered. Since not everyone can make it to one of our sessions (and  no doubt want to after hearing about them), it’s only fair we share the information covered. Enjoy!

Pecha Kucha

  Dirpy | Convert your favorite YouTube videos to MP3s

  StickyBits | Attach digital content to real world objects

  ButchBakery | Manly cupcakes made for manly men

  The Fun Theory | Fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior | What people you know like on the internet right now

  Anttenna | Mobile microlistings

  MFlow | The social music store where music comes recommended

  Singapore Air Show | Show hijacked by AirCraze

  SnackSquare | Foursquare special offers directory

  Rain Drum Umbrella | Makes music out of rain drops

  Plancast | You’ve got plans, spread the word

  ProcrasDonate | Waste an hour online, make a donation to charity

  Go Try It On | Get honest advice on how you look

  1 Million Shirts | Help send one million t-shirts to the people of Africa

  Placecast | Location-based mobile marketing, advertising, and  content management

  Bonnaroo ‘Total Access’ | Experience Bonnaroo like you’ve never believed

  Urban Signals | Allows singles to broadcast their availability

  The Most Awesomest Thing Ever | The name says it all…

  Hyundai’s owner’s manual comes on an iPad

  Goodby’s custom iPad case


1. Off = On (OFFline is adjusting to, and  mirroring, ONline)

  Nokia | Interactive arrow signpost suspended from a crane

  T-post | Wearable magazine

  DigitalSoaps | Gamer soaps and  gifts

  TweetNotebook | Create a notebook with your own tweets on every page

  Moleskine | Print online materials to then paste into your Moleskine journal

  MagnetU | Matches you with people around U

  Ebay Spain | World’s largest bulletin board

  Urban Cursor | GPS enabled object facilitating social inteaction & play in public space

2. Live

  Ustream | Free live video streaming, online broadcasting
– Bon Jovi   “Live concert for iPad” via UStream

  Starling | Platform bridging social media and  broadcast media

3. Location

  Foursquare | Check-in, find your friends, unlock your city
–  Foursquare for business
–  Check in for Charity | SXSW initiative by Microsoft and  PayPal

  Gowalla | Go out, go discover, go share
–  Gowalla and  New Jersey Nets integration | Check-in once for multiple services