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Mobile Impact On Sports Properties

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Mobile Impact On Sports Properties

President, Mobile Marketing

Are you seeing a drop in fans attending different sports games?

No, but you could argue the make up of the fan is changing year over year.  Especially in the way they consume digital content on site.  This has been growing for years and  will continue to change drastically for the foreseeable future.

Are you/your clients using mobile to encourage fans to come to the stadium as opposed to watching at home?

Yes, our clients that activate a sports sponsorship know it’s not about a sign in centerfield or a logo on the wall anymore. All savvy sponsorship marketers are trying to create unique experiences that leverage the emotional connection with their sponsorship and  mobile is one of the primary ways we do that.

If so, how?

For AT&T, we’ve created mobile labs that give us the ability to activate every channel available to us on the mobile phone and  within their key top sponsorship properties. For Victoria Secret Pink, State Farm, HP, Blackberry and  many other brand s we have used mobile for everything from entry to a venue to engaging one-on-one with the talent performing on stage.  Mobile is a central activation technology in nearly every activation we offer fans.

Do you think mobile is a good way to drive fan attendance?

I think macro-economic factors and  the product on field have a much bigger influence, but there is no doubt in my mind that mobile can effect ticket sales. The promise of great experiences, the ability to sell tickets associated with search and  social activities, the use of time and  location to reach people with offers when they’re most relevant, the utility of platforms like Passbook are all reasons that mobile is considered a requirement now for sports and  event marketing.

Have you had any positive results from using mobile in the past?
Do you know of any specific teams that have used mobile to drive fans to stadiums?

We have many success metrics since insights and  analytics are a part of every one of our activations, but the most intriguing to me was that one of our clients used a Net Promoter Index Score (whether you would recommend their brand  to someone) as their key performance indicator.  We track all of their sponsorship activations and  we found that those who engaged with our mobile programs had a double digit higher likelihood to recommend their brand  over the folks that engaged with any of their other activations.  The bottom line was that mobile experiences stuck with the fan and  the experience made them feel better about the company.