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Last Week in Digital: 9.20-9.24

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Last Week in Digital: 9.20-9.24


Top Stories

  Foursquare Gets a Face Lift
In an attempt to stay relevant in the location game with other services adding gaming/accomplishment functions, Foursquare released a 2.0 version of their application. In this iteration, Foursquare updates the UI to focus more on tips and  to-dos; a wise move that goes back to the  gaming elements of the service. But will this reorganization be enough to stop users from jumping ship to competing services? After all, no one owns location just yet.

  Facebook Founder Announces Foundation
Mark Zuckerberg made big news Friday with the announcement of Startup: Education, a $100 million foundation working towards improving education in the US. The program will start in Newark and  expand  from there, and  interestingly enough Zuckerberg preferred the donation to be private. But in coinciding with the release date of “The Social Network”, the movie which slams Zuck in his early days, we’re thinking the timing of of the announcement was planned accordingly.

  Twitter Analytics Forthcoming?
At the Sports Marketing Summit, Ross Hoffman of Twitter’s business development team revealed that Twitter plans on launching their own analytics tools later this year. Interestingly enough, the tools will be available for free–it is uncertain whether there will be a “premium” set of analytics available at a charge. Whatever the case, this doesn’t bode well for the 3rd party developers building their own analytics tool sets.

Killer Stats

  1.   Apple accounted for nearly half of consumer electronics purchases in August.
  2.   Pepsi Refresh Project has more votes than the last Presidential election.
  3.   Over half of people earning $150,000+ download weather, news, and  game apps
  4.   More than half of web users will read blogs this year.

Cool Reads

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