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Last Week in Digital: 8.2-8-6

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Last Week in Digital: 8.2-8-6

RIP Wave

Top Stories

  Google Pulls Plug On Wave
Google has decided to kill Wave, the (in)famous collaboration tool that was one of Google’s most hyped products of all time. Despite having a number of fans and  evangelists, Google’s reason for aband oning Wave’s development is they did not see the user adoption they would have liked. If products continue to be killed because users fail to get on the band wagon, when will Google Buzz see the same fate as Wave?

  Google Seeing 200k Android Activations Per Day
Although Apple was able to sell nearly 2 million iPhone 4s in 3 days, Google has been catching up to Apple at a frightening pace. At the Techonomy conference last week, Google CEO Eric Schmidt told a group of journalists that the Android platform is now seeing over 200,000 activations per day. With a recent report showing   Android sales eclipsed iPhone sales, this is to be expected; one OS across many different (15+) hand sets and  all carriers is guaranteed to overtake one phone (two if you count the iPhone 3GS) on one carrier.

  Dish Bringing live TV to iPhone and  iPad
Much to Hulu’s likely disappointment, Dish Networks revealed plans to release iPhone and  iPad apps to view TV programming on the go. Slated for a September release, the applications will be free to Dish subscribers. Dish also said it plans on developing similar applications for both Blackberry and  Android.

  Groupon Signs Entertainment Partner
Last week Groupon started an interesting promotion with Bravo’s hit show Top Chef. From August 4th to August 8th, Groupon subscribers in certain cities related to Top Chef received special offers at Top Chef related restaurants. Offers included discounted food and  even a cooking class with one celebrity chef. The move is a big first for Groupon but not for Bravo, who was one of the first big entertainment brand s to partner with location-based service Foursquare.

  Study Finds Tech Companies Fail at Social Media
In a study analyzing the social media activities of Deloitte’s Fast 50 in technology, UK PR/Marketing group Wildfire discovered some surprising finds. Of the 50 companies surveyed 43% had never responded to a single tweet, and  over half of the tech companies (57%) were using Twitter as a one-way marketing channel.

Killer Stats

  1.   Mobile video is a half billion dollar market.
  2.   Google books estimates there are 129 million books in the world.
  3.   Smartphones grab 25% of the mobile market.
  4.   Social Media accounts for nearly a quarter of time spent online.

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