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One Day Without Shoes

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One Day Without Shoes

After being featured in a commercial for one of our clients, AT&T, TOMS Shoes asked for our help on other initiatives. Working together with AT&T we created two different promotions for them; the TOMS Shoe styler for consumers and  AT&T employees, and  a GoWalla instant win contest.

Through both of these promotions entrants were given a once in a lifetime chance to go on the TOMS Shoe drop in Argentina. If you’re not familiar with the company’s mission, The TOMS Shoe drop is what TOMS is all about; TOMS promises to give a pair of shoes to a child in need for each one purchased. They pioneered the idea of embedded generosity and  the one-for-one business model.

To bring attention to the millions of children lacking proper footwear TOMS employees started   One Day Without Shoes, a day where people are encouraged to go shoeless to raise awareness for the millions without the luxury of shoes. Being somewhat familiar with cause marketing, a few of us here will be participating in the day as well. If you’d like to join, check out TOMS’s   website for more info and  make sure to mark April 5th on your calendar for a day without shoes!