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Out of Scopes Spring Concert

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Out of Scopes Spring Concert

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The Out of Scopes held a spring concert at The Rustic in Dallas with an all new set list and  new members, but managed to rock out for nearly two hours on a beautiful afternoon.
Unlike the TMA Holiday Party, The Out of Scopes got to perform outside. Almost every band  member got a solo song to sing, meaning TMA’ers heard everything from The Lumineers, Mark Ronson, Jet, Red Hot Chili Peppers and  others.

Meet the Band :
Brian Amador — Information Architect… Vocals
Dan Belmont — President… Drums
Claire Burnett — Account Executive… Vocals
Will Clark — Student… Guitar, vocals
Greg Farley — Account Operations Manager… Trombone
Emily Gray — Reception… Saxophone, ukulele
Cameron Kirkpatrick — Creative/Planning Coordinator… Vocals
Lauren Kirkpatrick — Operations Generalist… Vocals
Zack Mullins — Intern… Guitar, mand olin, drums
Justin Runyon — Content Strategist… Bass, acoustic guitar, vocals