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Pepsi Max Continues Uncle Drew Saga with Chapter 2

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Pepsi Max Continues Uncle Drew Saga with Chapter 2


Remember when   Kyrie Irving teamed up with  to trick some kids on the street playing a pick up game of basketball? That   first video was such a viral success, it currently stand s with over 16 million views.

Back for round two, Pepsi MAX & TMA’s entertainment practice (  Davie Brown Entertainment) have teamed up with NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving for “UNCLE DREW: CHAPTER 2”.

The second chapter introduces two new characters:   Bill Russell, a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame and  a 5-time NBA MVP, and    Kevin Love, a two-time NBA All-Star and  a member of the 2012 US Olympic team in London.

Russell, presumably a contemporary to Uncle Drew, encourages Drew to “get the team back together,” while Love, an aging hardware store owner named “Wes,” makes a triumphant return to the court (with some help from his old buddy). Like the first time, they don’t show their true skills until they have everyone else right where they want them. Only then do they unleash the NBA fury.

The film continues Davie Brown and  Pepsi MAX’s experimentation in new types of brand ed entertainment, mixing traditional cinematic storytelling with stunt marketing.