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Peyton Manning Still Scoring With Fans

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Peyton Manning Still Scoring With Fans

Despite missing all of last season with a neck injury,   Peyton Manning is still among the most marketable players in the NFL.  According to TMA’s   Celebrity DBI, an index that quantifies consumer perceptions of nearly 3,000 celebrities, Manning ranks 11th in the DBI’s Endorsement attribute and  12th in Influence. He also ranks in the top 25 in Aspiration, top 50 in Trendsetter and  top 60 in Trust.

Manning, an 11-time Pro Bowler who signed with the Denver Broncos in March and  currently boasts the league’s highest QB rating, is known by more than 80 percent of US consumers. Among those who know him, better than 75 percent say they like him to some degree.