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PK in the OC: Fall 2011

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PK in the OC: Fall 2011

We recently hosted a Pecha Kucha Night at the one and  only Old Oak Cliff Lodge. Pizza was hot, refreshments were cold, and the presentations were amazing. Among others, some of the topics covered included:

  • Mating rituals in the animal kingdom
  • Eastside Icons — tales from East Austin
  • If reincarnation is real, I was a dog
  • Tigers, pimps and  thumbwars — 7 days in India: lessons learned
  • Is this place haunted or…? Midnight observations from the Old Oak Cliff Lodge
  • Sacrificing state symbols for the betterment of statehood and  Ben Franklin’s best idea
  • How to create a winning costume for a company holiday party (plus, thoughts on getting drunk while wearing sparkle fabric and winning a laptop that will bring joy to a special young lady)

Thanks to all who presented, all who attended, and to TMA for sponsoring the event. Look forward to our next gathering in the spring, and  check back for videos of the presentations– yes, we did film some.