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Pranking Slate: The Jan Terri Edition

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Pranking Slate: The Jan Terri Edition

TMA Chicago office played a little prank on an unsuspecting honeymooner who returned from two weeks away yesterday morning.

Kelcy Hale shares the story:

Jan Terri is a Chicago-based “musician” whose head shot has been gracing our office walls for the past 5-7 years, welcoming new team members, since she was unearthed (which was, as myth would have it, when Ski was cleaning out his office). Jan, who can be found by Googling the phrase ”  worst music video ever,” is an amazing woman whose music video Losing You features stunning views of the Chicago skyline and  foreshadows her future profession as a limo driver.

While Jan’s been a fixture in the office for years, it was only recently (specifically when   Andy Slate announced that he’d be out of the office for a period of time) that we decided to take the office’s affair with Jan to the next level.

We wallpapered his office with one-of-a-kind Jan’s in a variety of shapes, sizes and  designs.


Some of our highlights include: WWJD (What Would Jan Do), Thomas The Train Jan, Wolverine Jan, Green Eggs & Jan, Wendy’s Jan, Owl Jan, Einstein Jan, Ditka Jan, Yoda Jan, Riddler Jan, Pirate Jan, Clockwork Orange Jan and  of course, an “Andy Terri” tribute.

(No one knows who the original “John” is)

Despite being rumored dead in 2002,   Jan is very much alive, and  performing on   Oct. 27 in Chicago. Everyone who’s anyone will be there. Except Andy, because he’s probably really, really sick of Jan Terri right now.