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Q&A: Product integration and its benefits

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Q&A: Product integration and its benefits

Tom Meyer, president of TMA’s entertainment group, did a quick Q&A on product placement, the value of it, and  how difficult it can be to integrate a product into a TV show.

Q: What are some of the factors (and  costs) that affect getting a product or brand  into a TV show?
A: This is one of those topics that is hard to say there is a stand ard amount for any show.  It’s dependent on a whole host of factors including the popularity of the show (ratings), the opportunity itself and  how many times it happens (level of brand  exposure), whether or not the integration/placement is incidental or a storyline plot point.  And there are always other considerations like:  how much the show runner likes the brand  (sometimes more money gets them interested) and  is also dependent on a brand ’s relationship with the network.

Q: How can integration really benefit a TV show and  the brand ?
A: Integration costs to brand s are certainly revenue producing for the production studio/network but often the incremental media is the real goal of the network – paying for the hard costs of an integration (if any) and  providing revenue back to the stakeholders is definitely important but in today’s world, how the integration deal or deals affect the media equation are usually more important.

Q: How do you compare the value of a TV spot versus integrating a brand  into a show? 
A: It’s also hard to compare it to the value of a :30 spot.  Depending on the exposure and  the quality of that integration, it is always very subjective. 
I’ve said $100k before, but that was probably in reference to a broadcast network integration vs cable or digital.  The point really is that at that level no one is going to bother or take time away from creating their show unless the money is significant.