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Q&A: Social Media and  the NCAA Tournament

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Q&A: Social Media and  the NCAA Tournament

TMA EVP, Strategy & Innovation Tom Edwards talked about the big players for social media and  brand s during NCAA March Madness.

Q: What role could Snapchat and  other social media platforms play in March Madness marketing?
TE: “Snapchat is actively looking to connect and  extend physical experiences digitally. With their our story product, they are looking to provide brand s with an opportunity to authentically connect their brand  with content being created by event goers.

In addition to Snapchat, platforms such and  Twitter and  Instagram will see heavy usage for brand s trying to capitalize on real-time opportunities as well as visual storytelling. Facebook will see usage, especially their video products to further extend the reach of television and  create incremental value for their brand  partners.”

Q: What makes social a good fit with this tournament?
TE: “The enthusiasm that individuals share for their participating schools, combined with the water cooler nature of brackets creates a lot of conversation, especially as the tournament draws to completion. Social is a great enabler of word of mouth, that combined with the passion for sports makes the platform ideal for large sporting events.”

Q: What brand s are likely to be big players in social in March Madness?
TE: “A number of brand s will try to create real-time moments associated with the tournament. Brand s such as AT&T, Capital One and  Coca-Cola will play a big part in March Madness once again. What will be interesting is to see the creativity of brand s that are not official sponsors and  how they align with the events that transpire on the court and  how they try to relate it in some way to their brand s social persona. We have seen a sharp rise in brand -to-brand  conversation around marquee events over the past year. I am assuming we will see more of the same when the tournament starts.”

Q: What sorts of campaigns could we see these brand s launch during the tournament? What campaigns have worked well in the past?
TE: “With an event such as March Madness you will see everything from on-site activations to digital sweeps. Brand s that can create an authentic connection with the fan and  provide fun and  engaging creative that moves the viewer from consumption to creation behaviors will have a leg up.”