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Recent Programs

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Recent Programs

  Dorito’s Crash the Super Bowl
It’s back! The Frito lay team launched its latest iteration of the uber-popular Crash the Super Bowl consumer created ad contest. This year, Doritos and  Pepsi MAX are offering people the chance to have their spot run during the super (out of six available spots) and  a chance to win 5 million dollars of available prize money. The program is live and  currently accepting entries– congrats to the team for all their hard work to make this a successful program!

  State Farm and  MLB Go To Bat
This Monday during game four of the World Series, the State Farm Go To Bat program culminated with a a pre-game ceremony  showcasing of the program’s impact and  recognizing 10 individuals and  the charities they were going to bat for. In the end, the program was able to raise $209,800 for a number of worthy causes.