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Yesterday   Chris “Cand yman” Anderson,   Katie Nevin, and    myself ventured over to Mustang land  for an In Tha’ Know session, Creative Soup, and  other fun things. Here are the links to the items covered in our ITK presentation.

  Go Try It On | Get honest advice on how you look.
  Flipboard | Your personalized social magazine.
  Square | Accept payments anywhere.
  Urban Speaker | A remote public address art installation.
  MoMA AR Exhibit | View a completely different MoMa via smartphone.
  Jay Z Decode | A transmedia experience to uncover Jay Z’s memoir.
  Avoidr | Keep your friends close and  your enemies/exes somewhere else.
  Withings | Wireless scale broadcasts your weight to your social networks.
  Playbutton | A wearable album that renews a focus on the record as a whole.
  I Am Precious | A tweeting bike with feelings.
  The Audi Spectacle | Ā Advertising concept incorporating land marks and  cars.
   Cageflix | Add every Nicholas Cage movie to your Netflix queue with one click.
   Wand erfly | Determine your next vacation in seconds.
   Instagram | Take pictures, apply cool filters, and  share them with everyone.
  Parking Meter Donation Station | Old Parking meters fighting homelessness. | Make a custom stuffed animal of yourself.
  What Was There | Google Maps mashup blends historic photos w/ new ones.
  Projeqt | A beautiful new cross-platform way to present anything.
  Bayifier | Michael Bayify any photo with a few clicks.