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2013 Social & Digital Predictions

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2013 Social & Digital Predictions


  Fanscape, our social media practice, put together a White Paper sharing predictions for digital and  social in 2013. They sifted through the myriad of predictions from great minds and  loud voices and  distilled them down to a hand ful of common themes and  good ideas.

If you’d like to download the pretty White Paper form, grab it   HERE, meanwhile enjoy the snippets below.


The 2013 TrendWatching Report calls this, “(Self) Actualized,” and  says that thanks to technology, we can do so much more to make ourselves better.   In their (edited) words…

The motivation behind most all consumption can be traced to self-improvement or transformation, if not simply being ‘better’ – more successful, popular, attractive, healthier, smarter. In 2013, more consumers than ever will adopt new technologies, platforms, and  experiences to identify, measure, compete and  learn their way towards a better self.  Welcome to the (self)-transformation economy.


If the business community has learned anything in the past couple of years, it’s that you can’t rest on your laurels, if you do, someone will come and  take your business. Putting the customer at the center is vital.

Frog Design’s Kalle Buschmann explains, “For a long time Apple has been the poster child for the product and  business development of experience-driven technology—and  its success. But in the last two to three years we have seen new players, such as Square and  Dropbox enter the market. As a result, established companies are being pressed to change their game. Specifically, the big ecosystem players: Google, Microsoft, and  Amazon have done their homework, redesigned their websites, applications, operating systems, services, and  added self-developed hardware. They all have one common goal, no matter how different their businesses: to optimize and  differentiate the customer experience. In 2012 many of these efforts saw the light of day, but it will be in 2013 that the recent developments will reach their climax as customers start to respond to the new product land scape.


Big data is a big topic. It was all the rage in 2012 and  now that we know we can collect so much, how do we deal with it?

Mashable’s Lance Ulanoff predicts that “in 2013, we’ll see the fruits of that data: targeted information on all channels, new discoveries that impact all walks of life based on deep data dives. We’ll have better products, sharper and  more insightful predictions (on future elections, weather; basic needs like food, water, shelter and  energy). We’ll also see the rise of the Data Scientist.”

Eric Savitz from Forbes claimed, “Big data will meet social. Five richest big data sources on the Web include social graph, intent graph, consumption graph, interest graph and  mobile graph. Concept of single corporate data warehouse is dead. Multiple systems need to be tied together.”

Expect not only more data, but more people that can actually deal with the data. We’re severely lacking in a workforce that can pro-actively determine which data to collect, translate it, and  then make it actionable.

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Download the annual   White Paper to see the rest. And we’ll gladly entertain any feedback, just send it to Fanscape’s CEO –   [email protected].