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Superdome To Host 'Champions Bowl' in 2015

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Superdome To Host ‘Champions Bowl’ in 2015

The word from is that ”  Champions Bowl” or Sugar Bowl — matching the SEC and  Big 12 champs — will be played at the   Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans starting in 2015. The Superdome beat out Cowboys Stadium for the right to host the game.

According to data from TMA’s   Sports Property Index (SPI), the Superdome has stronger national appeal and  avidity, though consumers think Cowboys Stadium is more influential and  regard it as more trendy. As for national sentiment, the Superdome has a clear edge, coming in at third among all major sports venues in the US. Cowboys Stadium is down the list at #36. The “House That Jerry Built” ranks ahead of the Superdome in Effective Reach (approximately 20 million vs. about 15 million).

The SPI is an independent index that quantifies consumer perceptions of more than 1,000 sports leagues, teams, venues and  events.