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Talking Shop: What's the Big Idea?

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Talking Shop: What’s the Big Idea?

The Marketing Arm is a big idea agency that harnesses the power of emotion to make brand s more engaging. There is not a more relevant discipline in marketing than the shopper area to embrace big ideas, and  the discipline is moving in this direction. Our goal as shopper marketers is to engage shoppers and  drive conversion, and  it’s been proven that the majority of purchase decisions are driven by emotional benefits rather than rational. Big ideas enable you to stand  out to retail customers, convert shoppers to buyers, and  drive loyalty.

So what’s a big idea?

While the definition is simple – an idea that grows brand  equities and  increases sales performance – creating one is not always so easy. We start by identifying core shopper insights so our idea platform is driven by something our shoppers will truly care about. Next, and  most importantly, as we wire a program for success we must have universal relevance with our audiences: shoppers, retailers and  sales. A big idea generally leverages a platform that drives awareness and  value for our shopper and  therefore generates buzz in the marketplace.

What does this mean for Shopper Marketing?

As you begin to develop your next creative brief or participate in a brainstorm, think about concepting a big idea instead of a list of executional tactics. The right idea will result in complete integration of brand  and  customer plans with the right tactics falling into place.