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Talking Shop: What Kind of Shopper is Your Shopper?

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Talking Shop: What Kind of Shopper is Your Shopper?

Shopper marketing has long been thought of as making a connection with consumers at the point of purchase. As it continues to evolve, brand s and  agencies are placing greater emphasis on the importance of behaviors and  environmental influences along a shopper’s complete path to purchase.

We all have a certain way we like to shop, and  this applies to any category. There are four general shopper profiles: experiential, quality, value and  simplicity. Each has certain characteristics that influence where we shop and  why. Understand ing the mindset and  motivations behind the shopping occasion presents an opportunity to customize your messaging.

Think about it. Why do some of us like to shop at Target versus Walmart? Most Target shoppers are experiential shoppers. This means they are seeking trends, love to be the first to try something new and  are excited by the scents, sounds and  textures in its environment. Target’s communication hits hard on these insights.

It’s critical to understand  the WHO, WHAT and  WHY behind your consumer and  how to talk to them based on their mindset and  the environment they’re in. If you’re focused on a quality shopper, make sure your communication is more about information – credentialing, professional endorsements and  natural ingredient stories – because the quality shopper does her homework.

What does this mean for you?

Do you know your shopper’s personality and  what motivates him to shop one channel over another? These are critical questions that you need to ask as you embark on new communication messages for your shoppers. Get their attention by talking to them in a language they are willing to hear while also promoting the benefits of your product. If you show shoppers that you “get” them, they will reward you with a purchase – the best outcome in the shopper marketing game.